Arsenal Mini-Camps (+ our new Online Arsenal!)

If you want to be your best, you should come to a Mini-Camp at the Arsenal.

I was recently asked this question: “What do you guys do at the Arizona Pitching Arsenal?”  “What is the message you need to get out there?”

My answer is simply: “We develop pitchers to be their best!”

The information we have is very powerful and can literally change a pitcher’s career.  Probably one of the most common requests I get is from out-of-town guys wanting to know how to access this information and how do they learn it well enough to apply it?

The best answer is to come on down to Phoenix and attend one of our Mini-Camps.  (I think we should change the name to everything you need to learn about pitching camp!)

The Mini-Camp is designed specifically for the out of town coach or player to come in for three days and learn our curriculum.  You can fly in on Friday morning… We start at 4 pm, and then leave on Sunday afternoon because we are done at 2PM.  You will leave with a plan on how to execute the Arsenal process.

This camp is specifically designed for you to learn a process and the protocols that you can incorporate into your personal training plan or that you will immediately apply to your pitching staff.

Weekend Mini-Camps go like this…. We practice what we do and how to do it.  We explain, present and practice, demonstrate, teach it, coach it up, rep it out and practice, practice, rep and practice so pitchers can learn how to ‘be their best’.

We will give each pitcher The Arsenal Pitching Manual that has been a living, breathing document that has been under construction for the last 20 years. This Manual changes as our information and techniques have evolved. Our goal is that you understand the manual; can read it and remember what to do, and what drill is what, based on a name, a description and some pictures.  Things like: how to warm up properly, arm health exercises, the many throwing drills, how to use weighted balls, your in-season throwing programs, what are the components of a great delivery or how to get your mind right after giving up a home run.…(techniques on how to win the next pitch).  It’s all in The Manual.

The best thing you probably get at the mini-camp is a Health Assessment done by our physical therapist Jim Moran.  Jim is co-founder of Crossover Symmetry, the best shoulder and scap training program on the market. His examination of your throwing health will be a springboard into throwing improvement and the key to our Pitcher Plan going forward.

The 2nd best way to get the information is coming soon with our new online support program, the Online Pitching Arsenal, which promises to be a support system to our curriculum and a forum for pitching instruction, ideas and contributors from all levels of pitching and coaching pitchers!

The Online Pitching Arsenal will enable the pitcher or his coach to see drills on video (the how), understand the application (the why), and strategies (the when). Members will be exposed to programs and processes that are being used throughout baseball.  We are really excited about our Private Online Community that will be a resource for all coaches and players.  Our goal is to develop the best learning culture in baseball, a culture where we can all contribute and learn together.  This culture will allow players and coaches to be their best!

We will also have a Coaches Corner that will assist all coaches in program development.  This section is more of an overall perspective on how to run a baseball program from all views; big picture annual program calendars, in-season, off-season, as well as day to day practice format and strategies.  This section will be for all coaches as well as the pitching guys.

Last but not least will be our Spitball Section where we will welcome all and any thoughts, ideas, products, techniques that have anything to do with baseball.  We are going to throw it out there and see what people think and if an “outside the box” or better idea can be unveiled and help our game.

So, now you know if you live outside the Phoenix area and can’t make it to one of our local training and development programs, you got to come down and experience a Mini-Camp at the Arizona Pitching Arsenal.  Check out the dates for our upcoming Mini-Camps and start your journey to the Arsenal where we develop pitchers to be their best!