Changing Our Name & Our Intent

The AZ Baseball Ranch is changing its name… We are now the Arizona Pitching Arsenal!

There are many reasons for the change…

There was confusion about any affiliation between AZ Baseball Ranch and the Texas Baseball Ranch. Both camps were answering the question about the relationship and the differences between AZBR and TBR, so now that’s gone.

We also want our own brand and we have our own way to teach and format our camp specifically to develop the total pitcher that is unique only to those attending the Pitching Arsenal. My 30+ years of coaching pitchers at the NCAA Division 1 and Professional level has created a curriculum based on my real, competitive coaching experiences that are only found at the Arsenal. These time tested techniques are taught at the Arsenal and nowhere else does this total pitcher curriculum exist.

Also, with the new name there won’t be the questions about if we do hitting lessons or if we have cages to rent and such…. Never liked hitters much.

We have changed our company and our companies’ intent. When I was at Arizona State doing the Elite Pitcher’s Fall Training Camp, I was really just training pitchers and developing their throwing, giving them arm health techniques and an arm strengthening/velocity enhancement programs. When the AZ Baseball Ranch began, it became a more comprehensive program dealing with the physical components, as well as the emotional and mental aspects of developing pitchers to their potential. This was always my passion: to coach and train pitchers, to get the best out of them, to get them game ready to be successful and get outs now, to be the best pitcher on the field.

The 9 innings of actual competition was my sweet spot and this experience gets the pitchers game ready at their respective levels.

Then, a crazy thing happened… I got hired by the Cleveland Indians and became a better coach.

The Cleveland Indians are a phenomenal organization that believes in development. The Indians are committed to development because they are a small market team and they just can’t go out and outspend everyone. Drafting talent and developing players is the cornerstone to their success. As a organization they are committed to preparation, routines and THE DELIVERY!

All good things happen through the delivery for the pitcher and this is where I’ve gotten better as a pitching coach. Science has also changed my paradigm in relationship to the amount of time spent on the mound. Previously, it was believed that the mound created more stress on the arm than throwing off flat ground but new science-based research has shown that pitchers, especially experienced high level pitchers, actually have better timing off the mound than flat ground and the stress is lower than believed. This understanding of stress, along with the increased awareness regarding deliveries, coupled with many years of game experience has created a learning curriculum that sets the Arizona Pitching Arsenal™ apart from other pitching camps and programs. We get on the mound a lot more often than in the past and still give you all the training benefits of our system.

We are not interested in leading the way in finding the newest or trendiest way to do everything. We are into making sure how to apply the best that we know to our pitchers that we train. If you are on the cutting edge and want to be the next pitching expert without time and confirmation, there is a better than average chance you might make some mistakes along the way and screw up guys that you are training. Be confident that if you are training at the Pitching Arsenal™, whatever you are doing has been done before and has stood the test of time and the scrutiny of science with positive results!

The Arizona Pitching Arsenal™ will give you a lifetime training and development curriculum that works at all levels. The Arsenal is a total pitcher’s development program that has been created by 30+ years of successes and scrutiny. This program has been influenced by some of the best in baseball and has been the lifetime collaboration of pitching, training, learning and development by the staff and I at the Arsenal.