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Push Performance delivers individualized training programs tailored to the needs of each athlete that will meet the needs of their sport and body type.

We focus our programming on identifying and fine-tuning areas of strength, but also addressing and improving movement patterns that they have created. Correcting each pattern will not only improve performance but will help in injury reduction.

Each client will begin with an assessment. In the assessment, a Push Performance coach will touch on posture, movement deficiencies and injury history. Push Performance will then build the clients program based on the results of the assessment.

We will focus on declaration, acceleration, speed, rotary power, explosiveness and change of direction mechanics by incorporating an in-depth approach to training for baseball. We focus on the science of biomechanics in baseball and strive to help the underserved population of baseball athletes. Our arm care programs are tailored to each athlete where we teach scapular control, anterior capsule stability as well as anterior core recruitment.

We incorporate pre-movement prep to each training session to insure each athlete is continually moving correctly. Our Recovery sessions provide our muscles with the ability to regenerate after the demands you put on your body. We do each regeneration session with the purpose of getting the body to prepare for the next session or game.

We take a scientific approach to each program for healthier movement and life for the client. Push Performance is dedicated to bringing our positive hard-working culture to each client that comes through the door.

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