ATTENTION PITCHERS: The summer before you report to your school’s baseball program is CRITICAL time for your arm health development!

Summer Total Pitcher Training and Velocity Program

3 Sessions from June-August 2019

Juggling your summer plans with your training, finding an appropriate training facility with the right equipment, and following a schedule is a challenge to the unsupervised pitcher. This is an unfortunate situation but the Arizona Pitching Arsenal has the solution for you!

If the training is inappropriate or lacking, pitchers are at a GREAT RISK of jeopardizing their arm health for the upcoming season.

Here is what the Arsenal's Summer Total Pitcher Training and Velocity Program can do for you:

  • When you come to the Arsenal, you will begin a thrower’s training program with emphasis on arm health, arm strength (velocity) and endurance.
  • Regardless of your current throwing state, if you have been “resting” this summer or are actively throwing this summer, we can manage your situation and tailor our program to fit your needs.
  • We will feature the Dynamic Warmup, Crossover Symmetry with both Activation and Iron Scaps program, weighted balls, the Shoulder Tube, Medicine Balls, Ropes, Throwing drills with throwing protocols and of course, pitchers’ conditioning.
  • We are going to throw a lot, train with great intent to get ready for the season and not pitch much at all. When you leave the Arsenal, you will be in shape to throw off a mound and begin your skill development under the supervision of your pitching coach.

Directed and coached by Ken Knutson and other experts with our system, we are dedicated in providing our athletes’ season changing results. Work within the most sought-after pitching program in the game today – one that will allow you to stay healthy and reach your potential.

How Does This Happen?
  • Arm Health Assessment by a Physical Therapist (a $499 value!)
  • Video Analysis of Current Throwing State
  • Specific Assignment of Drills and Movement Patterns to Increase Your Throwing Ability
  • Delivery Assessment by Coach Ken Knutson
  • Intent in Building Healthy Throwing Protocols
Each Session Includes:
  • Overview of Training Session
  • Mental Skills Development Program (10 Minutes)
  • Full Body Warm-Up (10 Minutes)
  • Arm Warm-Up and Prehab (20 Minutes)
  • Throwing Warm-Up and Throwing Drills (15 Minutes)
  • Baseball Throwing for Arm Strength, Velocity and Endurance (20 Minutes)
  • Delivery Enhancement & Mound Work (10 Minutes)
  • Pitch Development (10 Minutes)
  • Pitcher’s and Arm Conditioning (25 Minutes)

"The Arsenal Training Program has done wonders for my arm, as well as my mental approach to the game!"

-Sam, High School Pitcher

2019 Summer Training Program Dates:
  • Session 1) June 3-June 29
  • Session 2) July 1-July 27
  • Session 3) July 29-Aug 23
Weekly Training Schedule:
  • Monday (6-8PM), Wednesday (5-7PM), Friday (6-8PM) = Throwing with Ken
  • Tuesday (6PM-8PM), Thursday (6PM-8PM), and Saturday (10AM-12PM) = Pitcher Specific Conditioning with Push Performance
Training Location:

Arsenal Training Facility
6965 S. Priest Dr. #5
Tempe, AZ

Your Investment:

One Session: $800

All 3 Sessions: $2,400 $2,100

Secure Your SpotJune 3-29, 2019 Secure Your SpotJuly 1-27, 2019 Secure Your SpotJuly 29-August 23, 2019 Secure Your SpotAll 3 Sessions!

"Once you join the Arsenal, you become part of a family. The coaches truly care about the development of every player in the program."

-Scott, Parent of Arsenal Pitcher

Questions? Call Coach Ken Knutson at (480) 247-2803 or email